Marcia’s Gallery
      Even though Marcia is now retired, she will never stop creating something unique in her studio. It’s a passion, and she feels it important to to continue to share the work she has produced over the years. Therefore, she has a selection of images here for your enjoyment. 

 The Celebration Series were Marcia’s signature works, and over the many years that she had produced her mini paintings, many hundreds of people found a close connection to her joyful images. She also painted more involved works, and constantly evolved her subject matter and style. Marcia’s hand made art dolls were sculpted and dressed with great detail and creativity. She especially enjoyed sewing amazing clothing for ball jointed doll collectors all over the world. Her hand made jewellery evolved from sterling silver to polymer clay/bronze designs. Again her signature joyful woman could be found among the beads and charms of her whimsical pieces. More recently, her hobby is creating digital images of her friend’s pets called “Pupsterpieces”.