At 74 years young, Ron is enjoying a life of leisure, his hobby is woodworking. Below is a selection of important pieces created over a lifetime of art making. You would never believe the amount of art he has created in his lifetime.

Art has always been a way of life for Ron. Oil painting, acrylic painting, graphic art and design, hand lettering and sign design, gold leaf, pinstriping, illustration, teaching art, and woodworking and wood carving have always filled his days. Early in the 1970’s Ron was highly regarded by the custom car and semi truck community for his innovative work.

Illustration work and fine art were Ron’s main source of income in the 1980’s and 90’s.

During the 20 years he spent teaching art in Victoria, Ron wrote and published a book about colour. His many students respected his friendly and informative teaching style, and his colour classes were particularly appreciated.

In 2000, Ron was asked by the Sidney BC parks board to design and build a sign reminiscent of “The Great Wave” by Hokusai.

Ron concentrated on fine art for many years and was well known for his depictions  of Northwest Coast native characters. This was not without controversy, undaunted, he continued to follow his muse and gradually his subject matter evolved into his own mythical characters called “Ravenkind”.

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